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The purpose of SELEN KORDON is to serve its customers with best possible ,suitable prices and perfect quality products by using Win and Win procedure. SELEN KORDON’s strategy :To be honest and correct with customers has always been more important than making money for 60 years. The philosophy of SELEN KORDON regarding customer satisfaction is valid for all kinds of product and service. Our aim is to submit you extraordinary service.

Since the expectation and requirements of customers are changing rapidly,we always work hard to be able to meet the very tough criterias of the competition.

We offer :
SELEN KORDON private discount VIP card
Credit cards are welcome,also alternative payments by credit cards.
Delivery just on time and exact quantity.
If you wish you can make your shopping by listenning live piano music.
We would be happy to host very distinguished customers like you..


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650000 meters of daily production
10000000 meters of Stock available
1200 different types
650 colours
6000 customer reference
export to more than 10 countries

Selen Kordon responds to its customers’ requirements immediately without any difficulties with a stock of approximately 10000000 meters .Selen Kordon,never and ever produces any products which are artificially coloured.With the products braided from originally dyed yarn,Selen Kordon guarantees its customers not to face any complaints.

Selen Kordon has been awarded appreciation certificate by ITKIB for the sake of 60 years of experience, very professional team and its philosophy of honesty.

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