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Did you know these? :

Selen Kordon, produces not only narrow braiding, but also saves its customers rights from the sectors undescribable product units by calculating the products weight Per meter in accordance with the production bugdet of end-users.

Selen Kordon, submits its products in a packaging og bowstrings or bobbins. Every single bowstring comes exactly 100 meters. Not being able to control the real weight of any product used to cause misleading to consumers.

Selen Kordon, never and ever produces products which are artificially coloured. It submits customers cords braided with originally dyed yarn and guarantees disentangled bowstrings.

Selen Kordon, with a stock of 10 million meters, 1200 different types of product, 650 different colours of ready braided cords, responds to its customers requirements without any delay.

Selen Kordon’s production rate is 650.000 meters Per day with a machine park of 17 different types.

In order to avoid any delay problems, Selen kordon always completes the delivery of the orders just on time.

Selen Kordon is the main Istanbul distributer of the integrated zipper factory which has all necessary and relevant quality certificates.

Selen Kordon, has been awarded appreciation certificate by ITKIB for the sake of 60 years experience, very professional team and its philosophy of honesty.

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