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Company Profile


Selen Kordon

The Company had been established as of 1950 by late grandmother Mrs.SUZAN FIS. In those years with the lack of technology in Turkey, Selen Kordon, a family company ,has developed and expanded year by year and generation by generation.

Selen Kordon

This inheritance which came from Mrs.SUZAN FIS since the last three generation has become its latest condition with its honest and sincere principles.

The owner and general manager of the Company is now MR. M.FIS who is the grandchıld of the founder. Headquarter of the SELEN KORDON is located in MERTER-ISTANBUL-TURKEY .

Selen exports to more than 10 countries mostly in Europe and also serves more than 6000 customers in internal market.

SELEN ACCESORIES ,markets zipper ,nonwoven,stopers and all other textile products under SELEN quality of service.

We hope to see the fourth generation as she is growing up this day , to take the company much further than the father,grandfather and great-grandmother.

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